Thursday, September 21, 2023

Fall Breaks...and Back to Mixing!

What I love about helping compile and create these sets is that we can take this music out of time, separate it from the concept of the album and reposition it into the ERA. "We" don't necessarily need it -- but the new converts need and use it for context. To many, this is how they're being introduced to this music -- Jiggy Flows did that perfectly. Now, maybe some new/younger fans can't tell the difference these days between what's Jiggy Flows and what's Jiggy and the Passions -- but is that the WORST thing? Them hearing it and sharing it and discussing it is the BEST thing.

This is all an outgrowth of the influx of new "blood" from the Jiggy22 Presents Smile fan base (huge tip of the hat to SaltyMarshmallow -- we're really where we're at today because of him and Sloop.) 1 year on, these sets give us a chance to reposition the camera in a way that -- I feel -- illuminates some tracks in a more direct and succinct way. I was insistent early on that the stereo mixes from Smiley Smile should be mixed down to their bare essence, for the basic reason that I'm pretty confident that they'll get Apple Music™ and blog placements with the more natural mix.

That's how this stuff lives on and grows beyond us loving it and passing it along single google drive link to friends and family. I think the fact that this stuff was NOT played in rotation next to "China Grove" and Skynyrd will ultimately be its saving grace. I think this stuff is poised to be devoured NOW.

That said, would've loved to have fit the L.A. version of "Here Comes the Night" on to this one. . .

Disc One: Smiley Smile Stereo Remix + Bonus Tracks
   1). Heroes and Villains (New Mix)
   2). Vegetables (New Mix)
   3). Fall Breaks and Back to Winter (Woody Woodpecker Symphony) (New Mix)
   4). She’s Goin’ Bald (New Mix)
   5). Little Pad (New Mix)
   6). Good Vibrations (New Mix)
   7). With Me Tonight (New Mix)
   8). Wind Chimes (New Mix)
   9). Gettin’ Hungry (New Mix)
   10). Wonderful (New Mix)
   11). Whistle In (New Mix)
   12). Heroes and Villains (Track and Backing Vocals)
   13). Vegetables (Alternate Take)
   14). Fall Breaks and Back to Winter (Alternate Mix)
   15). She’s Goin’ Bald (Alternate Take)
   16). She’s Goin’ Bald (Alternate Version)
   17). Little Pad (Alternate Mix)
   18). Little Pad (A Cappella; New Mix)
   19). You’re With Me Tonight (Version 1)
   20). You’re With Me Tonight (Version 2; New Mix)
   21). With Me Tonight (Alternate Mix)
   22). On and On She Goes (With Me Tonight)
   23). Wind Chimes (Alternate Mix)
   24). Wind Chimes (Alternate Tag Section)
   25). Gettin’ Hungry (Alternate Mix w/Intro)
   26). Wonderful (Alternate 2012 Stereo Mix)
   27). Whistle In (Alternate Mix)

Disc Two: Wild Honey Stereo Remix + Bonus Tracks
   1). Wild Honey (New Mix)
   2). Aren’t You Glad (New Mix)
   3). I Was Made to Love Her (New Mix)
   4). Country Air (New Mix)
   5). A Thing or Two (New Mix)
   6). Darlin’ (New Mix)
   7). I’d Love Just Once to See You (New Mix)
   8). Here Comes the Night (New Mix)
   9). Let the Wind Blow (New Mix)
   10). How She Boogalooed It (New Mix)
   11). Mama Says (New Master)
   12). The Letter (New Mix)
   13). With a Little Help from My Friends (New Mix)
   14). Lonely Days (New Mix)
   15). Cool, Cool Water (New Mix)
   16). Time to Get Alone (Redwood Version; New Mix)
   17). Been Way Too Long (Version 1; New Mix)
   18). Been Way Too Long (Version 2; New Mix)
   19). I Was Made to Love Her (Long Version; New Mix)
   20). I Was Made to Love Her (Alternate Mono Mix)
   21). A Thing or Two (Track and Backing Vocals; Alternate Mix)
   22). Darlin’ (A Cappella)
   23). I’d Love Just Once to See You (Long Version; New Mix)
   24). Here Comes the Night (Alternate Mix)
   25). Let the Wind Blow (Amy Holland Version)
   26). How She Boogalooed It (Track)
   27). Cool, Cool Water (Alternate Take)
   28). Magical Mystery Tour/Wild Honey Promo

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Thursday, June 29, 2023

Jiggy22 Presents Smile

Although SonicLoveNoize and Seltaeb have some incredible works that still remain long downloaded, you really couldn't say they trump the newest released product. The sheer QUALITY of BB's material, and we're talking mixes from audacity to master -- all the layers -- to my knowledge (and I've done deep dives through more than a few links) is unprecedented. No other band has what the Beach Boys have. You look at major bands -- Elton, The Band, The Monkees -- there's NO FANMIXERS there. In some cases these fanmixers were stretching just to get enough material to fill a single disc. TONS of filler.

Personally, if I owned these masters, I would do a 15-25 disc DUMP of all of this unreleased (1966-1971) material. Redefine the fanmixing fandom like the UNSURPASSED MASTERS SERIES did in '99. There wouldn't be a single music rag, blog, or website that wouldn't automatically give it JIGGY FLOWS-like press. You wouldn't have to read about BB's music remixes on dead blogspot websites. Real press would EAT IT UP. Film and TV placements would follow, moving the narrative past the tents, bedroom years, and shittily-written Mike Love Rolling Stone articles. With so little effort, EVERYTHING could change.

And all because of fanmixers.


Disc One: Smile (Jiggy22 Version) Stereo Mix + Mono Mix
   1). Our Prayer (New Mix)
   2). Heroes and Villains (New Mix)
   3). Do You Like Worms (New Mix)
   4). Wonderful (New Mix)
   5). The Old Master Painter (New Mix)
   6). Cabin-Essence (New Mix)
   7). Good Vibrations (New Mix)
   8). Vega-Tables (New Mix)
   9). Wind Chimes (New Mix)
   10). Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow (New Mix)
   11). Child is Father of the Man (New Mix)
   12). Surf’s Up (New Mix)
   13). You’re Welcome (New Mix)
   14). Our Prayer (Mono)
   15). Heroes and Villains (Mono)
   16). Do You Like Worms (Mono)
   17). Wonderful (Mono)
   18). The Old Master Painter (Mono)
   19). Cabin-Essence (Mono)
   20). Good Vibrations (Mono)
   21). Vega-Tables (Mono)
   22). Wind Chimes (Mono)
   23). Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow (Mono)
   24). Child is Father of the Man (Mono)
   25). Surf’s Up (Mono)
   26). You’re Welcome (Mono)

Disc Two: Alternate Mono Mixes
   1). Prayer (Alternate 1966 Mono Mix)
   2). Do You Like Worms (Alternate 1966 Mono Mix)
   3). Wind Chimes (Alternate Mono Mix)
   4). Heroes and Villains (Alternate Mono Mix)
   5). Heroes and Villains: Part 2 (Alternate 1967 Mono Mix)
   6). Surf’s Up (Alternate Mono Mix)
   7). Good Good Good Vibrations (Alternate 1966 Mono Mix)
   8). Good Vibrations (Alternate Edit; New Mix)
   9). Good Vibrations (Alternate 1995 Mono Edit)
   10). Cabin-Essence (Alternate 1966 Mono Mix #1)
   11). Cabin-Essence (Alternate 1966 Mono Mix #2)
   12). Wonderful (Alternate 1966 Mono Mix)
   13). I’m in Great Shape (Alternate Mono Mix)
   14). Child is Father of the Man (Alternate 1966 Mono Mix #1)
   15). Child is Father of the Man (Alternate 1966 Mono Mix #2)
   16). The Elements: Fire (Alternate 1978 Mono Mix)
   17). Vegetables (Alternate Mono Mix)
   18). The Old Master Painter (Alternate Mono Mix)

Disc Three: The Smile Sessions Stereo Mix
   1). Our Prayer (Stereo)
   2). Gee (Stereo)
   3). Heroes and Villains (Stereo)
   4). Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock) (Stereo)
   5). I’m in Great Shape (Stereo)
   6). Barnyard (Stereo)
   7). My Only Sunshine (The Old Master Painter/My Only Sunshine) (Stereo)
   8). Cabin-Essence (Stereo)
   9). Wonderful (Stereo)
   10). Look (Song for Children) (Stereo)
   11). Child is Father of the Man (Stereo)
   12). Surf’s Up (Stereo)
   13). I Wanna Be Around/Workshop (Friday Night) (Stereo)
   14). Vega-Tables (Stereo)
   15). Holidays (Stereo)
   16). Wind Chimes (Stereo)
   17). The Elements: Fire (Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow) (Stereo)
   18). Love to Say Dada (Stereo)
   19). Good Vibrations (Stereo)

Disc Four: Bonus Tracks
   1). Our Prayer (Version One)
   2). Heroes and Villains: Part One (Stereo)
   3). Heroes and Villains: Part Two (Stereo)
   4). Heroes and Villains (Alternate Mix)
   5). Do You Like Worms (Alternate Mix)
   6). Wonderful (Alternate Version)
   7). Cabin-Essence (Track and Backing Vocals)
   8). Good Good Good Vibrations (New Mix)
   9). Good Vibrations (Alternate Mix)
   10). Vega-Tables (Version One; New Mix)
   11). Vega-Tables (Alternate Edit; New Mix)
   12). Vega-Tables (A Cappella)
   13). Wind Chimes (Version One)
   14). Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow (Alternate Mix)
   15). Child is Father of the Man (Version One)
   16). Child is Father of the Man (Version Two) (Alternate Mix)
   17). Surf’s Up (Alternate Mix)
   18). Look (New Mix)
   19). Barnyard (Alternate Mix)
   20). Love to Say Dada (New Mix)
   21). You’re With Me Tonight (New Mix)
   22). Surf’s Up (1967 Version; Alternate Mix)
   23). Good Vibrations (Reprise)

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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Jiggy and the Passions - "So Tough to Mix!"


I was walking to pick my kids up the other day and blasting Jiggy and the Passions on shuffle and "Beatrice from Baltimore" came on. Now, I've always preferred the Jiggy Flows version of the tune and I find myself only really listening to Carl and the Passions in the fall and winter -- it's never been summer music for me. But with it being the first unofficial stereo remix, I let it play through. Now, this was just a gorgeous New England winter day. We don't really get many anymore, for years it's felt like it goes from January to February. But hearing that bombastic bridge/B-section -- the fiddle, the ring modulator, mixed with the perfect temperature, dead trees, and limbo-like coldness -- my heart just exploded. It was LITERALLY "the thing." It took me RIGHT to that place. The place where there's joy, and hope, and you can't help but look and DWELL on the bright side. Just ZENITH Beach Boys heaven.

After all these years, that's never happened with me and that song until the other day and THIS comp. Perfect timing.
Jiggy and the Passions - "So Tough to Mix!" is amazing and done with love -- and I am THRILLED with it.
Some stuff may not be for everyone -- and GOOD; I'd loathe to live in a world where we were all the same.

This is the deal, it's anyone's prerogative to have and voice opinions on ANYTHING, but I've found that the people who do -- and do so negatively, often and VOCIFEROUSLY (usually with an ugly and personal bent) do it because NO ONE asks THEM their opinion. The unseen seem to either remain invisible -- or choose to spread ugliness (e.g. "Jiggy is bad. . . Jiggy is wrong. . .  I hate jiggy. . . )

I'm SO LUCKY that with the work I do, I'm part of a team of fanmixers that aims to spread the goodness, instead of feeling so left out and unseen that I need to spit and curse loudly in the street to prove I'm actually here.

That would break my heart.

Have a GREAT 2023 everybody -- thanks for all the love and well wishes we've been getting on the set.
It's the best music.

Disc One: Carl and the Passions - "So Tough!" Remix + Bonus Tracks
   1). You Need a Mess of Help to Stand Alone (New Mix)
   2). Here She Comes (New Mix)
   3). He Come Down (New Mix)
   4). Marcella (New Mix)
   5). Hold On Dear Brother (New Mix)
   6). Make it Good (New Mix)
   7). All This is That (New Master)
   8). Cuddle Up (New Mix)
   9). Beatrice from Baltimore
   10). Marcella (Alternate 1972 Mix)
   11). Marcella (A Cappella) (New Mix)
   12). Make it Good (Alternate Version)
   13). Make it Good (Orchestra Section)
   14). All This is That (Alternate Lyrics)
   15). All This is That (A Cappella) (New Mix)
   16). Old Movie (Alternate Version)
   17). Cuddle Up (Single Mix) (New Master)
   18). In the Country (New Mix)
   19). Sea Cruise
   20). Just for You
   21). Untitled #1
   22). Untitled #2
   23). Ten Years of Harmony
   24). Carl and the Passions Promo (New Mix)

Disc Two: Holland Remix + Bonus Tracks
   1). Sail On, Sailor (New Mix)
   2). Steamboat (New Mix)
   3). California Saga: Big Sur (New Master)
   4). California Saga: The Beaks of Eagles (New Master)
   5). California Saga: California (New Master)
   6). The Trader (New Mix)
   7). Leaving This Town (New Master)
   8). Only with You (New Mix)
   9). Funky Pretty (New Mix)
   10). Mount Vernon and Fairway (A Fairy Tale) (New Mix)
   11). Sail On, Sailor (Brian Sings Lead)
   12). California Saga (On My Way to Sunny Californ-i-a) (New Mix)
   13). City Jim (Demo)
   14). The Trader (Alternate 1972 Mix)
   15). Only with You (Long Version)
   16). Fairy Tale Music (New Mix)
   17). Pa Let Her Go Out (New Mix)
   18). Mount Vernon and Fairway (Home Recording)
   19). Fading Love Song (New Master)

Disc Three: In Concert Original Rejected Single LP
   1). Wouldn’t it Be Nice
   2). Leaving This Town
   3). Heroes and Villains
   4). Marcella
   5). You Need a Mess of Help to Stand Alone
   6). Let the Wind Blow
   7). Do it Again
   8). Wild Honey
   9). Fun, Fun, Fun
   10). Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Disc Four: The Flames' Second Album
   1). Mother of the Century
   2). Sigh Baby Sigh
   3). High Overdrive
   4). Sunny Skies
   5). Thank Someone
   6). Seven Sisters
   7). Have You Ever Been
   8). Henry’s Son
   9). Sweet Jane
   10). Hello My Friends (Bonus Track)

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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Something Great from '68




Heaven on earth.
I wish you all had it on your computers.
It was the greatest labor of love.
It's what this blog needs right now.

Disc One: Friends Remix + Bonus Tracks
   1). Meant for You (New Mix)
   2). Friends (New Mix)
   3). Wake the World (New Mix)
   4). Be Here in the Mornin’ (New Mix)
   5). When a Man Needs a Woman (New Mix)
   6). Passing By (New Mix)
   7). Anna Lee, the Healer (New Mix)
   8). Little Bird (New Mix)
   9). Be Still (New Master)
   10). Busy Doin’ Nothin’ (New Mix)
   11). Diamond Head (New Master)
   12). Transcendental Meditation (New Mix)
   13). Meant for You (Alternate Version) (New Mix)
   14). Friends (Alternate Mix)
   15). Wake the World (Alternate Version) (New Mix)
   16). Be Here in the Mornin’ (Alternate Version)
   17). My Son (When a Man Needs a Woman)
   18). Passing By (Demo) (New Mix)
   19). Anna Lee, the Healer (Alternate Version)
   20). Little Bird (Track and Backing Vocals)
   21). Be Still (Alternate Version)
   22). Busy Doin’ Nothin’ (Alternate Mono Mix)
   23). Transcendental Meditation (Alternate Version)

Disc Two: 20/20 Remix + Bonus Tracks
   1). Do it Again (New Mix)
   2). I Can Hear Music (New Mix)
   3). Bluebirds Over the Mountain (New Mix)
   4). Be with Me (New Mix)
   5). All I Want to Do (New Mix)
   6). The Nearest Faraway Place (New Master)
   7). Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) (New Mix)
   8). I Went to Sleep (New Mix)
   9). Time to Get Alone (New Mix)
   10). Never Learn Not to Love (New Mix)
   11). Our Prayer (New Master)
   12). Cabinessence (New Mix)
   13). Do it Again (Alternate 1968 Mix)
   14). Do it Again (Single Version; New Mix)
   15). Bluebirds Over the Mountain (Alternate Mix)
   16). Be with Me (Alternate 1968 Mix)
   17). Time to Get Alone (Alternate Mix)
   18). Never Learn Not to Love (Alternate Mix)
   19). Fig Plucker (Session Excerpt)
   20). Walk on By (New Mix)
   21). Are You There (With Another Girl) (Rehearsal)
   22). We’re Together Again (Alternate Version)
   23). All I Wanna Do (Early Version) (New Mix)
   24). Sail Plane Song (New Mix)
   25). Ol’ Man River (Alternate Version)
   26). Can’t Wait Too Long (New Mix)
   27). Is it True What They Say About Dixie?

Download Links:

On behalf of the Beach Boys Discord™ Server, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our many fanmixing friends for taking part in the making of this compilation.
                                                                                                                                                - JIGGY22

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Jiggy Flows: The Alternate Sunflower & Surf's Up Sessions


It definitely DOES exist.
It definitely IS completed.

Both Jiggy and I have spoken PUBLICLY about it.

Jiggy and I worked on it for 2 years.
Us two put the whole fucking thing together.
Hours and hours and hours and hours.

As the official Jigolo Records™ consultant, I was asked my opinion throughout and consulted with brains and heart.
I got the compilation green-lit by the label.
I saved it from dying on the vine TWICE.

It's incredible.
It forever changes the way Feel Flows will be viewed as a musical entity at the turn of the decade.

It IS released.

Disc One: Sunflower Remix + Bonus Tracks
   1). Slip on Through (New Mix)
   2). This Whole World (New Mix)
   3). Add Some Music to Your Day (New Mix)
   4). Got to Know the Woman (New Mix)
   5). Deirdre (New Mix)
   6). It's About Time (New Mix)
   7). Tears in the Morning (New Mix)
   8). All I Wanna Do (New Mix)
   9). Forever (New Mix)
   10). Our Sweet Love (New Mix)
   11). At My Window (New Mix)
   12). Cool, Cool Water (New Mix)
   13). Break Away (Single Version) (New Mix)
   14). Celebrate the News (New Mix)
   15). Loop de Loop (Flip Flop Flyin' in an Aeroplane) (New Master)
   16). Susie Cincinnati (New Mix)
   17). Good Time (New Mix)
   18). Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) (New Mix)
   19). I Just Got My Pay (New Mix)
   20). Walkin' (New Mix)
   21). When Girls Get Together (New Mix)

Disc Two: Surf's Up Remix + Bonus Tracks
   1). Don't Go Near the Water (New Mix)
   2). Long Promised Road (New Mix)
   3). Take a Load Off Your Feet (New Mix)
   4). Disney Girls (1957) (New Mix)
   5). Student Demonstration Time (New Master)
   6). Feel Flows (New Mix)
   7). Lookin' at Tomorrow (A Welfare Song) (New Mix)
   8). A Day in the Life of a Tree (New Mix)
   9). 'Til I Die (New Master)
   10). Surf's Up (New Mix)
   11). Big Sur (New Mix)
   12). Sweet and Bitter (New Master)
   13). My Solution (New Mix)
   14). Fourth of July (Alternate Ending)
   15). Sound of Free (New Mix)
   16). Lady (New Mix)
   17). Seasons in the Sun (New Mix)

Disc Three: Odds and Ends
   1). This Whole World (Long Version)
   2). It's About Time (Elements Mix)
   3). Forever (Alternate Vocal)
   4). Cool, Cool Water (A Cappella)
   5). Don't Go Near the Water (Alternate Version)
   6). 'Til I Die (Alternate Vocal)
   7). 'Til I Die (A Cappella) (New Mix)
   8). Surf's Up (Alternate Vocal) (New Mix)
   9). Soulful Old Man Sunshine (New Mix)
   10). Where is She? (New Mix)
   11). Carnival (New Mix)
   12). Hawaiian Dream (New Mix)
   13). I've Got a Friend (New Mix)
   14). Back Home (New Mix)
   15). Won't You Tell Me (New Mix)
   16). Barbara (New Mix)
   17). My Solution (Track and Backing Vocals) (New Mix)
   18). Telephone Backgrounds (On a Clear Day)
   19). Your Song (Live/1971)
   20). America, I Know You (Track)
   21). All for the Love of a Girl
   22). Silly Walls
   23). Beatrice from Baltimore
   24). Marcella (A Cappella) (New Mix)

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Adrian Baker Summertime Fun Giveaway!

Hey everyone, jiggy22 here! I'm holding an Amazon giveaway for ONE copy of Adrian Baker's legendary Surfer Paradise album on CD. This landmark album by former Beach Boys sideman features hits such as "Surfin' Safari", "Lazin' on the Beach", "American Girls", and "Summertime City". Don't miss out on this five-star rated album! All you have to do to be entered is to follow the link and watch one video on YouTube. Giveaway ends on July 2nd. Is it your lucky day? Find out here!

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended, congrats to Jeff S., our lucky winner of the first annual Summertime Fun Giveaway! Join me again later in the year, when I'll be giving away a free, SIGNED copy of Chris Farmer's (former musical director of the Beach Boys, 1997-2007) Born on Christmas Day album!

Friday, May 3, 2019

The Lost Beach Boy

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